The latest milestone: The Egiss Sustainability Report 2022/2023

This progress report presents our performance on defined Sustainability initiatives for the entire Egiss Group.

We are thrilled to unveil the latest milestones in our journey towards a greener and more responsible future – the Egiss Sustainability Report 2022/2023.

In recent years, sustainability has become one of the most frequently used words in strategic planning, although it is often conflated with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. We have chosen to name this report 'Sustainability 2022/2023', although we acknowledge that ESG and sustainability are two different but closely related concepts.

The report marks our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship through the Egiss ESG Programme. As a testament to our dedication to transparency and progress, it presents our performance on defined initiatives for the entire Egiss Group.

At Egiss, we want to focus on both; Sustainability as an overall approach to ensure that our company and society's activities do not damage the environment and threaten resources in the long term and ESG reporting on specific criteria to follow our performance in relation to broader environmental, social and governance issues.

A short message from our CEO

"At Egiss, we take responsibility for our business and our impact on the world around us, considering and shaping our business model in the context of our local communities.

We aim to make our customers sustainability heroes, and I hope you will find our new Sustainability Report a mark towards an ongoing commitment to this."


- Jesper Ravn
Group CEO / Founder of Egiss


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