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Improve end-user experience, avoid inefficiencies and ensure compliance.

We pack, label, consolidate and kit your IT hardware and tech devices.

Bulk Packaging
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Bulk packaging

For large-scale rollouts we have the possibility to offer bespoke bulk packaging, which includes:

  • less storage
  • less packaging waste for disposal
  • more economical freight utilisation
  • more environmentally friendly
Secure Trolley
Fulfillment Services

Secure trolley

Secure your valuable assets when in transit. With our Secure Trolley you can rest assured that your assets are: 

  • Secured.
  • Locked.
  • Tracked.

When being transported between our warehouses and your business locations.

Global coverage

Fulfillment capability from 8 countries, spanning 5 continents.

While the world may seem small, it takes a global footprint to deliver to most remote corners of the world. From our delivery hubs we can warehouse, configure, deploy and deliver your IT hardware and tech devices, securely and seamlessly. 
Julie Valant, Operations Specialist
We execute complex processes in a targeted, efficient and cost-conscious way.
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