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Our core values

A new approach

It was clear to the founders of Egiss that a new way of defining global IT sales also required a new approach to the basic business model and a new level of openness and transparency. From the beginning, Egiss was therefore built as a flat hierarchy with a high degree of personal responsibility, where we, as a company and as individuals, concentrate on what we do best. When recruiting employees, we emphasise that our colleagues and customers must be able to rely on us, no matter what happens. Without basic trust, our business foundation is compromised, and it takes respect for each other to implement transparency and trust in all our everyday routines.


We listen to our customers' constantly developing needs to ensure that we create value for them – this is our focus in all aspects of our business.


Innovative / developing

We challenge the traditional ways of doing our business as we focus on developing our company’s employees and business systems to better support our customers’ needs, providing a higher degree of efficiency and quality in our service provision.


Cooperation & teamwork

We work as one team and distinguish ourselves as being part of a group of dedicated professionals who constantly strive to be the best possible partner to our customers and business partners. We have each other’s backs and work together.


Personal accountability

We are committed and responsible partners to our customers, and we take pride in having ownership of our job and relationships.


Learn with a smile

We meet our customers with a smile and an open mind. We believe that a work environment with humour and fun is important and benefits the learning environment.

Jesper Ravn, Group CEO
Our five values are just empty words piled up in random order – until you actually understand them and do everything possible to live by them.
Jesper Ravn, Group CEO Connect with Jesper on LinkedIn