Egiss partners with The 0-Mission to accelerate the green transition

In cooperation with The 0-Mission, Egiss subscribes to solar panels, covering our danish electricity

Egiss has taken a pivotal step towards aligning our operations with our environmental aspirations. When an opportunity for innovation and impactful effort presents itself we consider it as an obligation to pursue it. A warm welcome to The 0-Mission, a special and enormously valued partner already.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey, underscoring our unwavering commitment to advocating for and actively contributing to the generation of green electricity equivalent to our consumption.

Collaborating with The 0-Mission was a strategic and natural choice, perfectly aligning with our goal of driving meaningful progress in areas that matter most and our ambitious goal of reducing emissions by 38% by 2030.

Through our partnership with The 0-Mission, Egiss subscribes to solar panels, covering our electricity consumption in Denmark while avoiding approximately 345 tonnes of CO2e yearly. This achievement is monumental, equating to the carbon footprint of 791 return flights from Copenhagen to Paris, and represents a significant stride towards our sustainability targets.



Pushing for the green transition

"We are incredibly proud that Egiss A/S has chosen to enter into a partnership with The 0-Mission and contribute to the transformation of the energy system. It means a lot that Egiss and other prominent Danish companies are pushing for the green transition. We will do our utmost to live up to the trust placed in us."

- Thomas Granhof
Co-Founder & CSO, The 0-Mission


About The 0-Mission and the park:

The 0-Mission offers a subscription product where companies can ensure that their power consumption is matched 1:1 with electricity generated in solar parks financed by private demand.

Their service enables companies of any size and power consumption to contribute to a greener power grid and report CO2 neutrality on power consumption.

Their commitment to biodiversity preservation and groundwater protection in their energy park exemplifies a holistic approach to sustainability, reinforcing their position as a key player in the green energy movement.

For further insights into our collaboration, feel free to explore more details here.