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Egiss partners with PwC to comply with CSRD directive and enhance sustainability efforts

Egiss embarks on a new journey with PwC as we kick off the Dual Materiality Assessment, ensuring Egiss compliance with CSRD.

The CSRD directive has raised the bar for how companies work with sustainability data and reporting – and to secure the quality of our sustainability information, Egiss has partnered up with PwC.

Our commitment to compliance and transparency is critical to us and our business, as they are the foundation of our License to Operate.

We have chosen PwC as our trusted partner for the CSRD project to guide us through the process in a way that both secures our compliance with legislation and simultaneously enables us to benefit from the process by developing and professionalising our business to meet future demands and requirements.

We recognise the importance of aligning our business with future demands and requirements. This endeavour is about more than simply fulfilling regulatory obligations; it presents an opportunity for growth, development, and professionalisation.

We want to move forward with our sustainability efforts continually. The process involves identifying our positive and negative impact on people and the environment and the financial sustainability-related risks and opportunities for Egiss.

In the coming months, we will work on identifying data points for the reporting. Our goal is to enhance value across all levels by prioritizing sustainability in everything we do.

Creating lasting value

"By partnering with PwC, we can ensure the quality and accuracy of our sustainability data and reporting, which is essential for maintaining our License to Operate. Our ultimate goal is to create long-term value for all stakeholders by integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations."

- Belinda Fjord
Director, Head of ESG & Global Partnerships



About PwC

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