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Egiss Honored with "EMEA Partner of the Year - 2024" at Lenovo 360 Circle Summit

Brussels, June 20th

Egiss achieved a monumental milestone by being named "EMEA Partner of the Year 2024" at the inaugural Lenovo 360 Circle Summit. This prestigious award is a testament to the tireless efforts and dedication of the Egiss team to fostering sustainable solutions within the IT sector.

In 2022, Egiss joined Lenovo's initiative, "Lenovo 360 Circle," as a Founding Lead Partner. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to accelerating sustainable practices and nurturing an environment of collective learning and development. The Lenovo 360 Circle embodies an innovative platform where individual aspirations and collective guidance converge to spearhead environmental stewardship within the tech community.

The recent Lenovo 360 Circle Summit offered a unique opportunity to connect in person, further solidifying relationships and shared ambitions. For Egiss, the summit not only provided a platform for engagement but also served as a moment of recognition for our ongoing efforts in sustainability.

Accepting the award, Jesper Ravn, Group CEO of Egiss, expressed profound gratitude and humility:

"What an incredible honour to be awarded Lenovo's global sustainability initiative Lenovo 360 Circle's "EMEA Partner of the Year - 2024" at its first inaugural summit in Brussels last night! All of us at Egiss have put a lot of work into this, and we are forever grateful for the recognition."

Egiss extends its heartfelt thanks to the Lenovo 360 Circle team. As Egiss continues its journey, Lenovo 360 Circle's recognition fuels our commitment to delivering excellence and sustainability together. The award epitomizes the collective spirit and determination of the Egiss team to set new standards for the future.