Egiss is rewarded a Silver medal in this year's EcoVadis assessment

For us, ESG is not an option. And our promise is that we will not settle until we are top of our industry and remain there.

This year, EcoVadis, an independent bureau, has awarded Egiss with a Silver medal for our ESG efforts, marking a significant improvement from last year's Bronze medal. Egiss is now among the top 6% of the best-performing companies in the world. EvoVadis is one of the world's largest and most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings. The progression from a Bronze to a Silver rating, underscored by a remarkable score of 72, propels Egiss into the elite top 6% of performers globally.

This substantial year-over-year improvement is one of the most remarkable improvements EcoVadis has witnessed. This score reflects our holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing environmental, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement practices. 

Egiss Champions Sustainability Across Entire Value Chain

"This result clearly demonstrates that sustainability is no longer confined to a specific segment of our company. Instead, every department and link in our value chain is taking responsibility for optimization, reporting, and focusing on the goals and high standards we have established to secure Egiss as a company where we take our responsibility seriously."

- Belinda Fjord
Director, Head of ESG & Global Partnerships



The Egiss team's hard work and dedication have driven the journey to this point. Our deep-seated commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has been instrumental in achieving such high sustainability performance standards.

This collective effort underscores the importance of a unified approach to sustainability, in which every employee contributes to the company's environmental and social goals.

Looking ahead, this achievement is not a final destination but a milestone in Egiss' ongoing journey towards sustainability. It sets the stage to push the boundaries further, aiming for even higher standards and greater impact. The challenge now is to build on this momentum and make even further improvements as we aim for Gold next year!


About EcoVadis:

We have chosen EcoVadis – the world's largest and most trusted provider of business Sustainability ratings – to measure our Sustainability efforts, ensuring transparency for our customers and partners. EcoVadis rates more than 130,000 companies in over 180 countries across more than 220 industries.

EcoVadis experts analyse a company's CSR practices in relation to the industry sector, the size, and the
company's geographic location. Businesses are given a score out of 100 based on their CSR policies, actions, and results against international CSR standards.