HP Poly

Empowering the era of hyprid work.
HP Poly

HP Poly gives everyone the opportunity to be seen and heard.

HP Poly is a leader in cutting-edge design and technology, ensuring an exceptional audio-visual experience. With Egiss's expansive global reach and HP Poly's commitment to excellence, you can trust that the products you need are always available, regardless of location.

In close cooperation with HP Poly, we believe that high-quality audio and video are essential for effective communication and teamwork, regardless of your location or schedule. That's why HP Poly is committed to providing second-to-none audio and video solutions that enable seamless collaboration and connection with colleagues around the world. Let's make every meeting a success.

In addition, as workplaces evolve towards hybrid models and bring-your-own-device policies become more common, HP Poly continues to provide versatile solutions that integrate with your preferred devices. With HP Poly, you can be confident that communication and collaboration will remain effortless and effective, regardless of location or situation.

HP Poly Headsets

Equip your organisation for hybrid working.

HP Poly headsets provide clear sound and noise cancellation for focused productivity in any environment, whether in a busy office, on the go or collaborating with remote teams. Connect via Bluetooth, wired USB or DECT suited to your business needs.

HP Poly Video Conferencing

Everything you need for a successful video call.

Modern businesses require modern solutions that can bring the hybrid workforce together. Video conferencing is an effective way to connect with colleagues and customers wherever they are located. However, legacy meeting rooms may need help in transitioning to hybrid work.
HP Poly Business and Conference phones

Keep the conversation going whenever, wherever.

HP Poly provides a wide range of communication solutions that enhance your business communication experience and enable your team to collaborate more efficiently. 

The product lineup includes IP Desk Phones, Wireless Phone Systems, USB/Bluetooth Speakerphones, and IP Conference Phones, all designed to meet your organisation's specific requirements.
Device Management

Manage your device fleet with HP Poly Lens.

Poly Lens helps IT professionals oversee and manage Poly devices within their organization with ease. Its user-friendly interface allows for effortless inventory management, device performance monitoring, and issue resolution. Moreover, the platform simplifies the deployment of bulk software updates, ensuring that your HP Poly devices stay up-to-date with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. 

Integrate with the platforms of your choice.

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