Annual Report for financial year 2021

A statement on our Annual Report 2021 from our CEO.

"Once again, I am very proud to be able to share Egiss' annual report for financial year 2021.

In short we grew almost 20% in our global revenue (1.032M DKK) and delivered an EBITDA result that was 34% higher than previous year (55M DKK).

Our Net Result ended at 45M DKK which is no less than 40% higher than last year.

2021 was also the year where Egiss managed to establish new socalled Delivery Hubs in Mexico and Brazil - another hard felt need coming from our customers who experienced very unreliable delivery lead time of their strategic IT hardware and tech devices in these countries.

It may seem insignificant to some, but to me it was something special to break through that 1 billion DKK mark. A mark that places Egiss among the Top-500 companies in Denmark which I am very proud of - especially since we are only an 8-year-old company.

The growing revenue and profits are coming from a highly relevant offering to a very specific market and an outstanding performance and quality of service delivered by each and every single one of Egiss' employees.

On behalf of our new majority shareholders EMK Capital and myself, I would like to thank all members of the Egiss family for their trust, loyalty and hard work in 2021 - the years before that - and in the years to come!

I continue to believe the future is bright for Egiss and I look forward to share that future with our employees, our partners and our customers."

Jesper Ravn
Group CEO